Trusted Local Employment Agency in Metro Manila

Trusted Local Employment Agency in Metro Manila

As per survey, there are 2.1 million Filipinos who are currently looking for job. On the contrary, the ILO country office data shows 4 million Filipinos are unemployed. Two different datas that show different figures but the certain is there’s a lot of Filipinos that are still looking for job.

We usually heard that this is actually the priority of our government. Infact, they are trying so hard to make this job creation in the country in solution to the said issue but we keep wondering what the government has already been done. What are the programs that they have made to resolve or at least lessen the figures of unemployed Filipinos in the Philippines?

Oh well, I am gladly to inform everyone that we actually have few programs around the country. One of these which are the training and seminars being provided by TESDA. Fo instance, if you don’t have job you may visit any TESDA nearby your place to join their programs and then open up a small business afterwards in relation to the field you’ve learned at TESDA. Aside from TESDA, our government or municipality usually conducts job fairs at the mall or city halls/municipal hall/plaza. They would like to inform tho that every individual has to be wise and vigorous in finding a job.

Having said all that. The question still remains - “ Why still a lot of Filipinos are “tambay” (jobless)?” despite of all the information medias are feeding to us about how our country’s economy is progressing.

This question has just reminded me of a story about an 18yr-old boy who won the title of “that’s my tambay” way back January 2014. It is a contest being held by one of the local noon time shows called Eat Bulaga for all filipinos who are not working and not doing anything at all. When Emil won the title, he actually believed that it would bring him to the pedestal where he would be rich and famous. Unfortunately, he has gone thru surgery in which he used the cash prize he got. The surgery is also the reason being not to be able to go to his work. Poor Emil, he has finished a 2 yr computer science course but unable to use it.

However, being talented in dancing and having eagerness to work. He is now doing a sort of a part-time job as a dancer in a local show called Master Showman despite of his recovering phase from the surgery he had.

Alright, again. The government has programs and institutions that can help filipinos to grow and have work. But if you come to think of Emil’s situation again. He is in fact a hight school graduate, finished a 2 yr computer science course, but why he is not even using his profession/skill? Is it really the government that is lacking of creating jobs for their citizens? Or is it Emil’s choice to work as a dancer in a local show? Is discrimination that is happening in applying a job here is considered a big factor as well for an individual to add up on top of a million unemployed Filipinos?

Are those really just a questions in regards to the survey about unemployment in the country or it’s the reality that it is really difficult to find a good job that fits your skill?

So let's face it its not easy to find a job in the Philippines that is why we are here to give you news in regards of job hiring in manila or job vacancy. Here you will find certain cities around metro manila who hold job fair events.

TRABAHO ba? Dito sigurado ka!

Pasok agad, trabaho agad.

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